New year, new obstacles

That afternoon I watched Bobby Bowden’s last game as Florida State’s head coach and cried—mostly because I’d been fighting it for 48 hours, but also because he’s a Day family icon. I was alone, but I knew every Day was watching along (partly because I saw my twin’s facebook status). A half hour later a girl probably much like me signed on the apartment I had showered to go see. I fought a break down and went back to scouring the Internet for more options. I needed a cheap place, a job, and more than one friend left in the city, and I didn’t think January 1st was an excuse to delay the search.

I scheduled several additional apartment viewings for the week. The number of scams made obvious by increasingly familiar versions of, “We live in Africa, but can send the key when you send money” emails reached a frustrating total of five. Two of the viewings would be cancelled by Sunday and the weekend would only bring both searches further into a slump. But I applied to two new journalism openings bringing my total to a discouraging 32. I heard people apply to 100 entry level positions on average. This seems extremely unlikely, but I can be a bit of a one-upper, or at least a matcher. If the hundreds of other aspiring Editorial Assistants were sending 100 resumes before being hired, I would too. Until then, this blog will have to suffice as a more skeptical, sarcastic version of a writing outlet. I can’t help it–I’m a realist.

In all of my unemployed spare time I managed a makeshift New Year’s Resolutions list (with the help of my hostess/temporary roomie):

  1. Get a job (Surprise! Perhaps I should’ve done a countDOWN style)
  2. Find an apartment (I’m full of surprises)
  3. Switch from coffee to tea (my coffee addiction far exceeds an appropriate daily intake of caffeine and sugar)
  4. Less eating out
  5. Learn to cook new meals (new as in more than one–clearly a supplement for #4)
  6. Eat more seafood (again, more than the one I consume now–sushi)
  7. Drink more water
  8. Stop incessantly checking email just because you have an iPhone
  9. Try to relax
  10. Trust God to take care of you (Yes, I should’ve gone with a countdown)

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