This calls for jazz hands

My luck is picking up, and I think I know why. Long story made short: a good friend left his driver’s license at my place on October 31 and because we had a bit of an altercation I didn’t make returning this license (and his glasses) much of a priority especially because it called for mailing them, which is only an option during the hours I work. Then even after we began to get along again I couldn’t remember to send his belongings, no matter how hard I tried. As a result of bad karma obviously, I lost my license on December 26 and still have not received the replacement that cost $25. So today, January 8 (two months and nine days later), I sent the glasses and license to him. Sure, he had to text me to remind me, but I was determined to do it this week, and I’m determined my karma improvement has given the rest of my circumstances at least a nudge in the right direction. (Note: I am blessed beyond belief, it’s just been a rough week.)

Anyway, my soon-to-no-longer-be roomie is very positive and peer pressures me into jazz hands (a former dancer’s metaphor for happier thinking), which she expected in my next post as the first few have been a little critical (or cynical and bitter), and she is right: the time has come for jazz hands. I came here with two main priorities to begin: finding an apartment and a job. I have found 50% of my goals and in only a week–that is reason to celebrate. Even though I accomplished the half that costs money before the half that makes money, the apartment part will be accompanied by my first trip to IKEA, decorating my own place, sleeping on a bed again, and Nugget’s big move to NY. That’s a pretty sweet deal. So today, now that I’ve signed the dotted line and begrudgingly handed over that massive check that stood for summer’s of double-shifts and going to bed smelling like food, I can celebrate my first set of keys to my first apartment! (Right in time for the last weekend of the IKEA sale)

And in yet another cherry-on-top delight I found two openings for positions where I could travel and write, well one where I could write about travel and another where I could actually travel then write, and I could do both simultaneously. After 41 applications I don’t think either of these will be easy to obtain, but they’re perfect. You know that feeling when you read a job description that’s so ideal you’d volunteer if you didn’t need the money so you want to jump through the computer and make your availability known? Well, not everyone is looking for a job so enthusiastically, but the hundreds of other people taking every position I apply for know what I’m talking about, and these brought those moments. Plus, I’m a hope getter-upper. It goes to show that the right opportunity is within my reach, and now that I did all that I could I have to trust God’s plan (New Year’s resolution #10).

It was definitely a jazz hands kind of day, and I foresee a Joy to the World Christmas finale-type weekend. (Two of you got that, and it’s still worth it)

41 job applications, 1 trip to IKEA to go


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