The IKEA Experience – Part II

If I was going to be that person who left her first trip to IKEA empty-handed, I might as well have made up for it on round two. Pseudo-roomie’s mom came into town with an SUV and a can-do attitude, and that was the extra push I needed to take that store by storm. We got off to a good start with a nice preparatory brunch then brought my luggage by my apartment before heading to Brooklyn. Here we encountered an unexpected turn of events: a traffic ticket for double parking even though roomie’s mom was IN the car and offered to circle the block. After verbally acknowledging this offer, the cop finished writing the $115 violation, handed her the ticket, and abruptly moved on down the street. All three of us were instantly infuriated and spend the half hour drive indignantly scheming for our tri-appearance in court. That cop has no idea who she unjustly ticketed, but appeal we will ma’am.

As inconvenient and unrighteous as this incident initially was, I think it worked to both our and IKEA’s advantage. We were beyond determined after getting that worked up; we put our game faces on. After hours of customizing furniture, adequately equipping my kitchen-to-be, and putting together a cozy combination for my nonexistent bed we approached the checkout with four overflowing carts and awaited our fate. After a minor mobile banking setback, my collection of must-haves came out half my budget’s worth beyond my budget. I am getting quite accustomed to the panic that yet again came over me. My mom is taking too long to get here.

With no immediate solution I carried on and focused on the satisfaction of having a functional place to live: a feat out of my reach (not even in sight) just a few days ago. I spent the evening processing what I’d purchased, planning what could go back for now, and applying to additional jobs. Game plan: secure a part-time job on Monday, thoroughly clean apartment, and assemble acquired furniture. Refer to New Year’s Resolution #10 and suck it up. Overall, IKEA was a success, well trip two was. Now that I’ve found a place and filled it, I have to get a job. This college degree is really taking it’s time to kick in.


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