History in the making

Look for a full moon tonight while I count my lucky stars–today was a good day. I was sad to send ex-boyfriend off, but comforted by one last grilled cheese to-go as I headed to an interview for more part time work. The interviewer made it clear he liked my teeth and that seemed to set the tone for the rest of the meeting. I left in good spirits hopeful I’d hear from him in February and made my way to Starbucks to upload my long lost blog posts. As I prepared pictures from this week for their online debut I got a call from a prospective employer for what I call a real job. A real job indicates a salary above the living wage, benefits, and classification in my intended line of work (magazine journalism). Mr. Brightside and I had a very friendly conversation that left me gleeful and confident for my interview on Friday. I told everyone who cares (you) and gave myself permission to get my hopes up with the reassurance of your support.

When I got home I began re-cleaning for my mom’s arrival tomorrow. When the weight of my to do list grew to a hindrance from a mental note I forced myself to finally call my electric company and set up an account, then capitalized on my gusto and contacted my super about the murky water. Mr. Super was unexpectedly friendly and not only told me it will clear up once it runs for a while, but is coming over tomorrow to show me how to turn my torturous heater off. Three cheers for good luck streaks. This little victory wouldn’t be my last either. It was accompanied by a call from the travel mag internship for which I have an interview on Monday. Although this points to a potential predicament I plan on seeing how Friday’s interview fairs, hearing how Monday’s interview goes, then taking it from there. Who would’ve thought I’d ever be worried about more than one option?

I rounded out the day with my first trip to a laundromat: another NYC experience I can appreciate for its distinction. Only here would I tolerate paying $6 per load, waiting while watching my cycle spin or zoning out on terrible television, and letting complete strangers see all of my underclothes. I was pleasantly surprised that the entire process is facilitated in one room: there’s an ATM, quarter converter, and detergent vending machine. Best of all, I only had to carry my oversized IKEA bag two blocks. This laundromat-goer has nothing but rave reviews. I’m confident this aspect of my new lifestyle will provide plenty of blogging material.

Cherry on top: Nugget makes the big move tomorrow, and he’s got an ample supply of puppy Xanax to make it a smooth one. Nothing has as much storytelling potential as my dog [son]. Prepare yourself.


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