move to NYC

The pages of this different story

I’ve been mentally compiling a list of all the things that make New York City a different story than anywhere else, since I said that a few blogs back. I prefer to support my claims so here’s a few examples. This is sure to become an ongoing list.

When you move to NYC…

Your schedule becomes completely dependent on crosswalks. That white stick figure is more exciting than the Starbucks emblem, which is now on every other corner.

You find people are just as eager to be your connection as you are to have them as a connection. On the same note, everyone is always networking.

You make it a habit of memorizing the address of every place you go.

You make mental notes of every apartment for rent sign, because even if you’ve found a place you’re looking for a bigger, cheaper one.

You’re still surprised at the cost of every meal–no, every purchase.

Your super stays on your recent calls list, yet you don’t know anyone’s name in your building. You probably know more dog’s names than people’s in your neighborhood.

Some brunch at some brunch place is a part of every weekend’s plans.

You have a new appreciation for re-runs of Sex and the City, Seinfeld, CSI: NY, and Law and Order.

You know at least one banker, journalist, and aspiring actor/model, and everyone assumes you’re one of the above.

You’re partial to your hood, even if you haven’t given another a chance.

You pick up your dog’s poop…no matter who’s watching.

You’re accustomed to frequent sirens and horns.

You’ve established bundle-up and shed-the-layers routines that you stick to.

You have go-to bagel and pizza joints for visitors. There’s always someone you know visiting, and they’re always looking for good bagels and pizza.

You’ve claimed a museum as your favorite and are quick to recommend it.

You either love or hate Times Square. (You know I adore it)

Speaking of, you have a love/hate relationship with the city. Everyone in NYC can rattle off dozens of arguments on both sides. But we stay.

There are many more idiosyncrasies of New York City dwellers that are specific to the unemployed or as we say, job searching, and many that are just specific to me coming soon.


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