move to NYC

In lieu of re-cleaning the clean

The other day my brother said he always wonders what I do in my spare time, because I’m in New York City, and in Trinity, Fla. he mows the lawn on his time off…every week. I realized he doesn’t read my blog. Wednesday was my only day off this week, and although I don’t have the burden of a lawn to mow, I usually cross off the inconvenient chores on any average job-searching waitress’s list like making a copy of my keys, cleaning little 5A, taking Nugget to the dog park, attempting to cook, and trudging to the laundromat with my IKEA [makeshift] laundry bag. I admittedly reload my email every 15-30 minutes hoping to hear from my job contacts, but that’s my prerogative. I also added giving in and setting up a Twitter account to my to do’s, not because I think people want a status-style play-by-play of my whereabouts, but because old pseudo-roomie presented a good case recently, and she usually knows best in matters like these.

My brother’s assumption planted the seed for a growing guilt trip so I delighted in some affordable methods of taking advantage of the big city this week. Katie, Rachel and I usually have a homemade meal over two-for-one movie rentals on my one day off, but Wednesday we added EJs pancakes to the mix when we couldn’t suppress the craving National Pancake Day induced. We did take part in (as my Mimi would say) the “fancy shmancy” nightlife last weekend, but with minimal spending, and I woke up with food poisoning from my favorite diner. Katie and Rachel are two friends I pledged with in college. They moved here this month and have added familiarity to the adventure. Katie’s sharing the job search experience and both share the newly poor experience; it’s already been quite interesting. We’re criticized for over-indulging in college and travel abroad memories, but those were the last good times before these great times, and I can foresee NYC stories fulfilling a similar fate.

I spent Wednesday afternoon playing with Nugget at the dog park (pictured above), where he was enchanted by a fun filled foot of snow. That evening we rented New York, I Love You, which was depressingly terrible as a movie, but sufficient for more city-themed free time and decent as a collection of videos. I even interrupted a Lost marathon (via Hulu) on Friday to make it to the MoMa before my five o’clock shift. I finally saw “The Starry Night” for only $5 as a member guest and bought the first “I heart NY” shirt I’ll be gifting for a belated birthday. I wrapped up this decidedly good week with brunch at Fetch and a walk in Central Park today before catching a recap of the Olympics on the laundromat TV. I realized everything is okay. I haven’t found a full-time job, but I work at a restaurant that pays enough to live comfortably, I love my coworkers and newfound friends, and I’m in the city of my dreams with my best (canine) friend. I’m even becoming accustomed to falling asleep to the sound of my neighbor snoring through the pitifully thin wall. I heart home.


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