move to NYC

The city [girl] that never sleeps

I woke up Tuesday morning to find my throat completely closed up accompanied by a pounding migraine and chills. After forfeiting everything in my stomach I drew a doctor-less conclusion that I was sick. Unfortunately, the money saved in making a personal diagnosis didn’t suppress my misery. My subsequent advice-free conclusion was that calling in sick on my second day of work wouldn’t make the best impression… So I toughed it out. I spent the entire day mustering all the enthusiasm and nice-to-meet-you-ness I could until making it briskly back into bed by 5:30 p.m. sharp. When I woke up today to discover I felt 150% better, I began the process of accepting that I’m going to have to get some sleep. On a regular basis. Like a grown up.

The absence of a single blog entry for two weeks proves only one of the many consequences of over-scheduling, over-working, and completely ignoring my health. (Plus, I wanted the jubilation over my new found job to really sink in.) The moment I confirmed I’d be working a solid Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. schedule through August I booked weekend flights for my sister’s graduation and my cousin’s wedding, requested my Dad visit within the first of my two preparatory weeks, and expected my little [sorority] sister’s visit the following week. I miraculously squeezed nail and hair appointments along with Nug’s grooming appointment in between my final waitressing shifts, plus shopping, spring cleaning, and a weekday Yankees game.

Last Friday my Dad arrived bright and early, and I brought him to EJ’s (where I work) and one of my favorite restaurants, Penelope. We did the mandatory tourist site-seeing while traveling, and Saturday I surprised him with Yankees tickets. My family has only taken interest in baseball in the last few years, particularly with the Rays’ good season, but we all love attending any sporting events, especially for free. I thought after 20 years of my Dad supplying free tickets, I could foot the bill of at least one game. Little did I know, his outright zeal for the new stadium and extensive Pepsi advertising would more than suffice for our lack of affiliation with either team. The Yankees actually playing really well with homerun’s from both Jeeter and A-Rod was quite a bonus, though.

Robert’s trip also included a three-hour brunch with my good friend from church, and a very enjoyable run in Central Park on Sunday making the entirety of the visit a full success. I have to mention that I don’t think he’ll ever forget cash in the city again, and he really got the hang of racing crosswalk signs, as all of my guests do out of necessity. It was great to spend our first one-on-one time together, and ultimately I got a TV out of it. (Thanks pops!) Now both of my parents have survived seeing me on my own far, far away, and I got to show them some of the ever-increasing reasons I love this city.

Five days of labor later my “little” arrived with her boyfriend Ben and they joined me for a few of the same sites and eateries. Central Park was quite a hit as always, and my good friend Manager helped me host relieving me of a third wheel status. We sampled Jacques Torres hot chocolate in the Chelsea Market (two things that recently made me weak in the knees), and bounced around the East Village at night. I am still giddy from finally spending time with one of my favorite people after not having seen her for a year! I’m delighted to say her boyfriend wasn’t too bad either..

Finally, as my guests packed up for the airport Monday morning, I rushed to get ready for my first day of work at F&S, and all of my anxiety proved pointless (as it typically does in the end)–I love it. It’s only Wednesday. but I’m completely tickled to be back in an editorial office full of consistently friendly people and ripe with opportunities to learn. Sadly, I love the girl I’m temping for, and she is leaving Saturday for Stockholm, but so far this job is full of best case scenarios. My trainer is extremely organized, habitually color codes, and files meticulously. She could not have made the transition smoother. Thankfully, everyone else has been very friendly, and I am eagerly looking forward to the next three months.

Life is good, and I am very grateful. Stay tuned for plenty of 9-to-5 excitement ahead.


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