You killed Bambi

On Friday morning I left a half-hour in advance to ensure I was on time for Dave Petzal and I’s do-over. I was determined to make a better impression and somehow salvage my celebrity crush. Dave was in much better spirits when I bounced off the train ahead of schedule and we spent the hour car drive incessantly chatting up travel destinations. He doubled my to-go list and told fascinating stories of his traveling abroad to Europe right after WWII. Who wouldn’t want to see that?

We began rifle lesson take two with a review of the parts of the gun. He was mildly disappointed I only remembered that something was called a magazine, but incredibly patient and informative with this oblivious first-timer. He was like my physical trainer: friendly, but harsh when necessary, especially when I continually made the same mistakes, and I did well.

For video footage of my first shot to my first reaction to a butt-kicking, visit the website, and check out my first deer. Keep an eye out for some more wild game food coverage in the weeks ahead, too! Two more weeks at the most random-turned-perfect job yet, and I have so much left to learn.


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