Back to the Grind

Mid-February’s about the time people finally stop talking about this year as if it isn’t already here. It’s also about the time New Year’s resolutions cease to exist. If you don’t take inventory after the first month on a year-long goal, you’ve probably done something shameful. As for me, I still haven’t touched Rosetta Stone, but I did land a job, which was first on the list. This was certainly newsworthy enough to announce sooner, but alas the day’s just fly by when you’re pencil pushing from 9:30-6.

For my family, who still hasn’t visited the site, I work at EverydayHealth.com as a paid, full-time intern, which in the world of hundreds of journalism grads applying for a handful of editorial jobs, is second from the top. And by top I mean achieving an entry-level assistant position. In only two weeks I’ve gained vital experience that has often stood out in the form of the one requirement for a job I lack: SEO, CMS and more HTML. I’ve coded links inside copy, posted blogs, edited email newsletters, and written about a thousand tweets on anything from depression to better sex.

I’ve also read and re-read enough on health risks to develop severe paranoia, and I have perks like sending my sister a vital explanatory article when her eye wouldn’t stop twitching. For all you who view twins like monkeys at the zoo, my eye was twitching simultaneously. (We did not have an article to explain that.) I highly recommend you visit the site though, because you definitely have something and we can hep you fix it.

As for the rest of my personal resolutions, I’m drinking those monstrous eight cups of water a day, if only for a little walk, and am rarely consuming coffee. I’ve hit the gym more than never, to be exact, and have only eaten one grilled cheese this year. No need for alarm, I haven’t lost a sense of self, just gained an obsession with veggies and consequently more energy.

Conveniently, maintaining the first of my resolutions was necessary for even addressing the rest. When I’m not working all I’m doing is looking for work and worrying about finding work. It turns out I can focus on other things with all the worry out of the way. Now I’m adjusting to a new schedule, which exercise and Spanish lessons have to revolve around anyway.

If you haven’t stuck with your self-imposed goals, just start with one. It’s the least you can do.


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