You’ve had more jobs than…

T.S. Eliot said April was the cruelest month, “mixing memory and desire…for you know only a heap of broken images..” and its echoed in my head the whole 30 days. May is under a lot of pressure to make up for it, but I’m hopeful on this first day having started yet another job last week.

Everyday Health proved to be the valuable learning experience I’d hoped for, but not a long-term commitment after all. I made great friends and mentors who taught me needed website skills like SEO and CMS as much as the editorial skill of relating news to both the content and the audience. I benefited from collaborative brainstorms, editing and feedback, and familiarizing myself with the depth of health. I delved into the concept of the mind-body connection and the importance of well-being and hope to continue covering such topics in the future, but when the opportunity arose to get more involved in travel, I couldn’t pass it up.

My friend at Rand McNally brought me and another friend on to help with a contest called Best of the Road, a search for the best small towns in America. Users nominate their hometowns and favorite places in certain categories by writing a review and voting, and we moderate their entries and track the results. I’ve promoted the contest on Rand McNally’s travel blog and will continue to write both news and travel blogs there.

Our work environment is unique, but ideal, as the floor of our building is nearly vacant leaving silence and space. We have giant cubicles and no neighbors, so not only do I work with two friends, our whole team is four guys and me. Some say I am back in my element… Our work lunch this week was reminiscent of my Field & Stream days minus beer and beef jerky. While I don’t think I’ll be sent on shark fishing or rifle shooting assignments anytime soon, I do have the platform to write about my travels, which is all this girl can ask for.

To a new season.


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