I want pink fireworks please

As is our tradition, my family reunited in Seagrove Beach for our annual 4th of July visit last weekend. The itinerary rarely changes, but the entertainment is enhanced with every year my nieces gain more knowledge of the English language. Savannah, now 2 1/2, recently learned the power of free will. I haven’t heard that many “no’s” and “I don’t want to’s” since her cousin Brooklyn was 2, and I champion the parents who nurture their children through this phase of constant rejection.

My grandfather’s health has wavered over the past year making these trips ever more cherished, but difficult to endure. I’ve mentioned before that this beach is my favorite spot on Earth, the closest I’ve come to a sanctuary, and my Grandma and Pop Pop are a vital part of that status. My grandma’s cooking and baking are undeniably unmatched and her spirit evokes more than mere hospitality. Everyone feels better here, at peace for a time at least.

My Pop Pop’s military stories never get old or cease to captivate his audience. Every Day has built their morality and character from the foundation these tales have built, and his wisdom is not to be taken for granted. He’s a patriarch deserving of the immense respect we all have for him, but his presence is more endearing than intimidating. We’ve laughed to tears at the dinner table with him as much as we’ve listened and learned.

The bonus on this weekend each year is the time with my brother and his family. Currently residing in Texas, we rarely coincide our schedules, and their two girls are an absolute treat. I glean advice and hilarious stories from Robby, both laughs and intimate catch ups with Kami, and play time at the beach with Savannah and Kaylee. We all adore passing this family tradition down to the next generation and compare each new experience to our own.

Most importantly this year, Savannah requested pink fireworks. And everyone obliged Anna and I’s schedules to set them off on July 3rd. Robby and I went through a combo box variety at the end of the dock while she applauded and commended her daddy from Baca’s lap. Time with my parents turned Baca and Ni was the icing on the cake and the weekend was simply comforting. Savannah’s unprompted self-taught swimming ability was pretty exciting, too.

I was so fulfilled by much needed family time I wasn’t even bothered by six hours of flight delays. A beer with complete strangers and bonus Delta miles got me through the ordeal and best of all, I’ll do it all over again with my other brother’s family for Labor Day. This summer on the go has me swamped, especially with a new job, but nothing beats family time between insanely busy city days. Two big trips to come!


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