Six months of blogs

Yikes, no one wants to read that much about my life, but alas my OCD has required me to fill in the half-year missed by my website not working.

Once upon a time my brother’s child broke his computer and when I gave him one of mine he cleared the hard drive, barring me from my own blog. Today, I regain access, having put off the genius bar as long as probably anyone, ever.

My other brother, who works for Apple, reminded me that I GET to go to the genius bar, and today I revive my collection of life stories. Not so much because I think it’s been missed, but because I need the little reminders of how far I’ve come and what a journey it’s been in NYC. And if it provides anyone the slightest inspiration that they too can take on the big city and/or fly wherever anyone asks them as they please, then the stories were worth telling.

I leave you with the past six months from moving to Chinatown to braving the mountains in Arizona. Life in NYC continues to be unpredictable, exciting, anxiety-ridden, and as fun as ever, and if nothing else, worth writing down.


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