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$25 for my 25th Birthday

My 25th birthday is inevitably a time to reflect on where I’ve been, how far I’ve come, and where I’m going, but like any year, it’s a sign I’m getting older. It’s that year I am officially, unmistakably an adult…even though I hear I don’t look like it. A time I’m unquestionably accountable for my own life and an excuse to act in the name of this milestone.

After six months on crutches this year, I’ve given plenty of thought to the things I wanted to do before I was 25, and how many I couldn’t do without walking. I’ve dreamed of embarking on 25 adventures that remind me I’m young and celebrate youthfulness, trying 25 new things to challenge myself, or seeing 25 new and different places. But I realized the most meaningful thing I can do, and really the least I can do, is commit to 25 ways to change the world…in person.

I write about simple, painless ways to better destinations in a number of minutes or hours on a visit, so fitting 25 into a year shouldn’t be hard, right? Only paying for it is. The cost of getting there is the only thing ever holding me back, or any of us I’m sure. So for one of the many trips I have planned this year, I’m asking for your help.

Several friends and I planned a mission trip to Panama last year and our funds, schedules and bodies fell through before we could make it. We’ve committed to helping my friends David and Lisa Carter who live there by tapping into our personal talents and resources to better their community. Three of us are still committed to this.

Two of my closest friends have never been on an international volunteer trip and I am so excited for this experience for them. Ruthie, a pediatric nurse, will be teaching the girls about personal hygiene, menstrual health, and emotional health. Jessica, a retired professional ballerina, will be teaching the girls dance and creative expression. And I will be teaching them to journal and write, contributing to both emotional health and creative expression.

Most importantly, we’ll also be distributing food and clothes to isolated and underdeveloped communities, even camping in mosquito nets, which is a necessary hand to lend and an amazing cultural opportunity for perspective and global awareness.

All this to say, we can’t go until we have the funds, and it is on all of our hearts to help this community. As with anything, we would love prayerful support, but we can use financial support as well, and if the three of us each convince 25 people to donate $25, we will be on our way.

The funds go to airfare, accommodations, food, supplies and transportation, and we’ll be videoing and blogging the entire trip to keep our supporters updated. With the help of the amazing new Volunteer Forever site, we’ve set up a donation platform and a home base for all the information on the trip.

Thanks for any and all support, even $5 goes a long way towards helping beautiful people of a beautiful country. For ways you can change the world around you, keep reading about taking a little good a long way, and follow along this year as I try 25 things that will change the world.

Want to join the trip? Have a suggestion for a little extra good in Panama? Let us know here!


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