Three months after moving

My DC familyMy inactive blog speaks for itself on the subject of busy-ness. I’ve never heard anyone say moving gets easier every time, but I think we all hope so deep down inside, then hope we never move again when we’re in the middle of it. I start to reconsider permanency and the price of hiring movers in the moment–the moment when we were re-assembling the entertainment center for the fifth time and the moment I was loading a U-haul in the pouring rain, again.

Sometimes I look back on my first blogs when I moved to New York without a plan (or a plan, but no strategy rather) and gain perspective on process and patience, and I’m proud of how far I came in three and a half years and pleased I recorded it all. But this move didn’t warrant writing; this move is better left unsaid.

While God did grant me the most perfect possible roommate and we found an apartment we’re already attached to, the rest has been what I can only call a learning process. In tribute to all we’ve learned in a ton of trial and error, I pass on our wisdom for anyone else ever moving to DC, or moving at all…but I don’t recommend it.

1. You can’t rush it. No matter how badly you want to be moved in and settled, you don’t want to settle on the place you’ll be living for a year. When the rest of the “adjusting” doesn’t fit like a glove, you’re going to want your home to.

2. There’s a reason pink tools are pink, resist the urge.
2b. Save your receipts.

3. You can never have too many command strips. But you’ll be back at Target 10 more times anyway.

4. Don’t be afraid to dumpster dive. See 2b.

5. Comcast never gets it on the first try. Go ahead and get to know that phone operator.

6. Carpet is as good as grass for dogs. Nugget’s saved us a lot of trips outside.

7. DC charges five cents for plastic bags, just invest in reusable ones now.

8. Parking is never free, and if it is, you will never forget that location.

9. DC has quarantined the worst drivers imaginable with the most complicated driving laws in America. Our only advice is to learn to read five signs at once in the smallest print possible. A GPS is non-negotiable, but only half as confused as you’ll be.

10. Within walking distance is a relative term, but at least there’s green and flowers on the way. (And no, I am not talking about the freakin cherry blossoms.)

We’re going to give it a year, and by then I’ll have a list of 10 things we’ve found and loved, and I’ll include directions for getting there.

Think you know something in DC that will win us over? Tell us here!


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