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How to outdo DC transit snafus

This post was created in partnership with Lyft. Use my code ASHLEYDAY for a $20 credit!

In my first six months in DC, I’ve spent at least five Fridays sitting at a bus stop until I gave up on my plans or opted for an alternate mode of transportation. I’ve tried every option the city has, from driving to transit and transfers to Uber, Sidecar, Car2Go and ultimately Lyft. My first Lyft marked the last time I’d spend half my night complaining about how I arrived and how much it cost.

Three simple reasons to plan on getting a Lyft from here on out:

1. They’re available.

Do your own cross comparison: open every ride share or taxi finding app you have, and you’ll find a little car within reach of your balloon. The longest you can wait is 17 minutes…that’ll beat the bus.

2. You meet [awesome] new people.
Ride shares are like online dating…I imagine. At first the idea of a random person picking you up sounds awkward at best, but my roommate and I have had so much fun getting to know our drivers. We share all of our stories, get their recommendations for the area we’re headed to, and know who to look for next time we need a Lyft.

3. It’s less than a cab.
I’m a New Yorker, we don’t need a formula we can feel how long a ride’s going to cost us. And this is affordable, albeit fair.

Speaking of, you can get $20 towards your first Lyft by using the code ASHLEYDAY! That’s about two rides in The District. Just look for the pink mustache pulling up and your evening will get a little interesting a little early.

To start using Lyft, just download the app for iOS or Android and request your first ride!


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