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How to support veterans today

My favorite active-duty fighter pilot.
My favorite active-duty fighter pilot.

Monday 11/11 is Veterans’ Day and there are plenty of ways you can support our troops by showing your thanks (any day actually), and for the protection of our freedom, it’s the least any of us can do.

A little good

  • Sign up to tweet and/or post with Thunderclap who’s setting up one loud, united ‘Thank you’.
  • Attend a parade in New York, Santa Fe, Fresno, Rapid City, Dallas or Miami Beach.
  • Write a thank you note! The White House’s Joining Forces campaign offers a quick opportunity to write a military family a thank you to be delivered by the USO. Write yours now.

A long way

  • Volunteer. The Joining Forces Campaign partners with All for Good to help you find service opportunities based on your zip code and interest area. There are tons of opportunities to help veterans.
  • Gift a military family. By shopping the UFO wishlist, you can fund active servicemen and women’s calls home, decorations for welcome home parties, comfort food packages and more. And you can send the gift in honor of someone you know’s special occasion. See what’s offered from $15 to $50.
  • Treat a military family to dinner. You can gift any family living on or near a military base a $25 or $50 commissary gift card. That could provide a full Thanksgiving meal.

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